Vintage Black. Smooth as eggs my G. I say "fuck" a lot, I'm a Harry Potter fan, and I DO NOT have a tagged/me, it's tagged/Reese. Protect ya edges with a silk scarf, keep that skin moisturized, put some lemon in your water bottles now and then. Peace n shit.


Not a complaint, however,

Shrinkage is a sneaky bitch.
Here I sit swinging my hair to and fro, like a big kid (all that’s missing is some sweet braids and beads at the end) enjoying the gentle sweep across my shoulders….
Sloowwwwly but surely, my hair is creeping up to my ears. It’ll be huge when it dries.

  1. quirkysnark said: lol, girl. i know those feels very well
  2. lobo47 said: Lol awesome.
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