Smooth as eggs my G. I cuss a lot, I'm a Harry Potter fan, and I DO not have a tagged/me, it's tagged/Reese. I love cats, pizza, r&b, and I stan for Dem Bellies. Words of wisdom? Protect your edges boys & girls, castor oil, coconut oil, praise Gawd. Keep that skin moisturized, put some lemon in your water bottles now and then. Amen. Do it for the dash.



On that note,
Do you know how many deep-sleep inducing orgasms have come into my life since the glorious night I purchased my Wanachi? I’d be a company spokesperson for FREE. okay??? I can’t…listen..
And then, if you’re into any sort of plug play OR sex while having your clitoris stimulated. GURL YES.

  1. kindredsmile said: Bless yo everloving heart. *add to cart*
  2. geekscoutcookies said: Im jealous as every single available fuck. Where do i get that wonderous thing from again?
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