Vintage Black. Smooth as eggs my G. I say "fuck" a lot, I'm a Harry Potter fan, and I DO NOT have a tagged/me, it's tagged/Reese. I'm Pro-Black, and if you have a problem with that, I truly don't give a fuck. Protect ya edges with a silk scarf, keep that skin moisturized, put some lemon in your water bottles now and then. Peace n shit.



On that note,
Do you know how many deep-sleep inducing orgasms have come into my life since the glorious night I purchased my Wanachi? I’d be a company spokesperson for FREE. okay??? I can’t…listen..
And then, if you’re into any sort of plug play OR sex while having your clitoris stimulated. GURL YES.

  1. kindredsmile said: Bless yo everloving heart. *add to cart*
  2. geekscoutcookies said: Im jealous as every single available fuck. Where do i get that wonderous thing from again?
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