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This neighborhood is a trip. Now, there’s a guy who takes up TWO parking spaces every single day because he doesn’t want anyone to park near his car. Mind you, he also has a driveway that only his wife parks in (it’s wide enough for two cars). My mom came home Thursday evening and parked there, and hasn’t moved her car because of the snow…so this guy calls the cops to report that it hasn’t been moved in 48 hours. The cops just rang the bell to tell her what was going on, and that all she needs to do is move the car forward and then repark it in the same spot, and he called the guy an asshole. I mean really? It’s not a reserved spot, it’s first come first serve. AND you have a damn driveway, we don’t. The fuck?

  1. mayasbadassmama said: Ahhh hell no. Someone ride is getting keyed
  2. keanureevesinpointbreak said: oh hell naw
  3. nfamouz said: lol
  4. lobo47 said: Bad neighbors suck. Fuck that dude. I dig that cop.
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