Smooth as eggs my G. I cuss a lot, I'm a Harry Potter fan, and I DO not have a tagged/me, it's tagged/Reese. I love cats, pizza, r&b, and I stan for Dem Bellies. Words of wisdom? Protect your edges boys & girls, castor oil, coconut oil, praise Gawd. Keep that skin moisturized, put some lemon in your water bottles now and then. Amen. Do it for the dash.


Update, yo the cop said the guy reported it as “some drug dealer’s car just sitting in my parking spot.” 
a drug dealer’s car. The cop and my mother just cracked the fuck up, and I’m in here speechless. Really bruh?

  1. zumainthyfuture said: time to summon the power of Brotha Bernie Mac in that left hand guh :|
  2. stroke-of-genius said: Would it be wrong to slash his tires? Im just saying….
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